Referenten 2023

Experten aus Arbeits-, Umweltschutz und Nachhaltigkeit

Dr. Torsten Thurmann

Director of EHSQ/ESG Product Business Unit, Quentic

Dr. Gabriele Gollnick

Head of Customer Success, Quentic

Tim Ammann

Head of Product, Quentic

Mariana Furnari

Product Manager, Quentic

Sebastian Stenzel

Senior Account Manager, Quentic

Eva Gao

Senior Product Manager, Quentic

Oleksandra Polivana

Product Manager, Quentic

Roland Schlett

Senior Account Manager, Quentic

Gerhard Stampfer

Senior Account Manager, Quentic

Jimmy Martin

Co-Founder and CEO, AMCS

Florian Lichtwald

Operating Partner, Quentic

Leticia Michel

Junior UX Researcher, Quentic

Christopher Hertel

Team Manager Dev Architecture, Quentic

Mark Abbas

Senior Vice President (EMEA), AMCS